Landscape Designer

Inger Amos

Our passions tend to reveal themselves from an early age. As a girl, Inger would save up her pocket money to spend on packets of seeds, bringing them home to spread through her Mum and Dad’s garden. Now, (not so many) years later, it’s no surprise Inger is a talented and accomplished landscape designer who still loves to get her hands dirty in the garden.

Just as no two clients are the same, Inger believes no two gardens should be the same. That’s why she takes time to get to know you and your needs, to design a garden that will exceed your expectations and suit your budget and lifestyle. Taking cues from the style of your home, your taste in furniture, or even your hobbies and interests, Inger prides herself on her ability to create a unique landscape design that feels like an extension of your home and a reflection of your personality.

With a background in horticulture and landscaping, Inger has experience ranging from home gardens – old and new – to large acreages and schools and kindergartens. Inger’s landscape and garden designs do more than look good. She creates an outdoor experience by incorporating fragrance, texture, bird-attracting species and even edible and productive plants to activate and delight all the senses.

At the end of a long day staring at a computer screen or running around after the kids, you don’t want to be maintaining your garden – you want to be sitting out there, wine in hand, enjoying it! Let Inger and the team at Realm design a low-maintenance, high-impact garden for you and your family.