Amy Lyon

Building Designer

 Amy is a talented building designer with a passion for residential interior design and home decoration.

A pro at 3D modeling, she has a flair for creating distinctive elements rarely included in standard homes and delights in the opportunity to source new and innovative products on the market to incorporate in her designs.

The concept design stage is where Amy truly shines, immersing herself in the creative process as she visualises being inside the home hanging artwork, arranging furniture and experimenting with window furnishings and colour schemes.

Amy’s passion for building design flows into every crevice of her life, and her great loves outside work are home decoration, renovation and DIY.

She loves visiting homes – seeking to understand how people live, decorate and express themselves through their interior design.

Amy completed her Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural) in 2012 and her work has been showcased at the Melbourne Museum’s Top Design Exhibit (2009).

She joined Realm in early 2014 following a period of work at an architectural firm specialising in compliance issues and residential kitchen design.